Of all peculiar experiences…
I took take part in a prime time Norwegian talk show on Friday night. As you do…
Previously I’ve stayed well clear of any TV appearances that have been offered, but this time I failed to quickly enough come up with a good enough reason to decline, and soon found myself on a plane to snowy Oslo.

Still, despite the fact that I probably didn’t say very much of interest to anyone but a few budding cartoonists and my immediate family, it was a terrificly exciting experience that I in hindsight am glad I had!
If nothing else for the sheer surreality of it all.
Other guests included a much troubled Minister of Justice, Knut Storberget, and possibly even more interestingly the lead singer of the Death Punk band Turbonegro, Hank von Helvete (Hank von Hell) – or Hans Erik Husby as he’s more mundanely known when not in character.

To see me babble away in my native tongue, which after only 9 years abroad is worryingly diminished, have a look here!


One Response to “Talkshowing…”

  1. ramjam Says:

    So bizarre watching the first minutes of that – perhaps I am a fool for not realising that you are Norwegian. Funny.

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