British Press Awards nominations…

The ones nominated for Cartoonist of the Year are:

Chris Riddell, Observer
David Brown, The Independent
Matt Pritchett, Daily Telegraph
Michael Heath, Mail on Sunday
Peter Schrank, Independent on Sunday
Stanley McMurtry, Daily Mail
Steve Bell, The Guardian



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9 Responses to “British Press Awards nominations…”

  1. Adams Says:

    Eclectic bunch isn’t it.

  2. Morten Says:

    A couple of worthy winners in there though.
    It’ll be interesting to see the result…

  3. Adams Says:

    All a bit silly though. How can Matt be “better” than Bell? Or vice versa.

  4. Morten Says:

    Well, in fairness, this award and others are for Cartoonist of the Year, and not Best Cartoonist of the Year.

  5. Adams Says:

    Umm… The difference?

  6. Morten Says:

    Is there not a difference there?
    I think so.
    Cartoonist of the Year is awarded to someone whose work has made a particular impact that year. Either as a body of work, or something else.

    Like you say, it’d be silly to say that fore example Matt is a better cartoonist than Bell, or the other way around.

    And if it was best cartoonist, you couldn’t not have the likes of Peter Brookes and Martin Rowson – or indeed your good self – on the shortlist.

  7. Adams Says:

    Got it. You’re quite right Morten. As in Parliamentarian of the Year. Not necessarily the best. Anyway, yes, will be interesting to see who wins – and why…

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  9. CartOOnist ARiF Says:

    you are welcome on

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