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Not quite the headline you associate with…

March 30, 2009

…a Home Secretary:

‘Smith Doing Great Job Despite Porn Films’


From Monday’s Paper: G20

March 30, 2009

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Why Cartoonists Don’t Go Out in Public Much…

March 29, 2009

I’m continuing what looks like a quest to post everything Cartoonbrew has posted before me.
But never mind. This animation by David Blumenstein is too funny not to relay to as many as possible. Admittedly it’s about comic artists, but I’m pretty sure most political cartoonists will recognize the scene…and emotion!

From the Sketchbook: Pay-per-view…

March 29, 2009


Brian Cowen in Family Guy nude scene…

March 26, 2009

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Big Ignorant F***er from Offaly…

March 26, 2009

If you ever needed a master class in how NOT to respond to satire, look no further than to the Irish Prime Minister, Brian Biffo Cowen and the ruling Fianna Fáil party which he leads.
Conor Casby painted two nude paintings of the Taoiseach which were hung in two of Dublin’s most prestigious galleries as a stunt.
The artist might now be charged with indecency, incitement to hatred and criminal damage, which was hammering a nail into a gallery wall.

RTÉ, the Irish public broadcaster, reported the stunt, as you would expect them to. It was undoubtedly newsworthy because of the setting of the stunt, and also a much welcomed comical story in otherwise gloomy times. That’s not how Cowen and his people saw it however, and RTÉ were scandalously forced to issue a groveling apology the next day, for any personal offence caused to Mr Cowen or his family and for any disrespect shown to the office of the Taoiseach!
This came after Michael Kennedy, a member of parliament for Fianna Fáil, called the lighthearted RTÉ report “a gross insult to the dignity of the office of Taoiseach,” and called for the director general of the broadcaster to resign(!)

Unbelievable, hilarious – and sadly characteristic of people’s response to satire these days.
One can only hope that Biffo from now on, without exception, is portrait naked by all Irish cartoonists and satirists, until the end of his career.
It’s the only appropriate response the ruling party’s official lack of humour.

From the Sketchbook: PMQs…

March 25, 2009


Harriet Harman standing in for Gordon Brown.

From the Sketchbook: Jade dies…

March 22, 2009


A Friday Animation Treat…

March 20, 2009

This is the perfect way to end the working week. Spend half an hour or so watching this extraordinary animated short by Bob Godfrey, about Brunel, the 19th century British engineer.
It won a Bafta in 1975 and was the first British animated short to win an Academy Award. Rarely is something so informative and laugh out loud funny at the same time!

hattip: Cartoonbrew

From the Sketchbook: Alcohol Prices…

March 15, 2009