Iain Dale radio…

I’m a regular reader of Iain Dale’s blog, although more because of a strange compulsion than a great approval of his politics.
Most of the time I find myself moving swiftly along.
Yet after having done the customary sweep onto his blog today, I listened to interviews from a radio broadcast he and a couple of other bloggers did with Play Radio UK, and I actually thought they were very good indeed.
I can imagine listening to the broadcast in its entirety probably would be quite similar to watching 18 Doughty Street broadcasts, with a fair amount of more or less random waffling, but the interviews with Boris Johnson, Paul Goodman and Nick Clegg for example, were thoroughly interesting.

There’s something charming about the low-techness of it all. Broadcasting the wait while they’re being put through to Boris, for example. It somehow makes the subsequent interview feel less like an interview than a conversation, and the result is refreshing.

It’s brilliantly nerdy to do your own coverage of local elections.
Maybe even more nerdy to sit and listen to it.
But it works.
It’s not an alternative to mainstream coverage, but you can’t argue it’s not an excellent addition to it.


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