From Monday’s paper: Iranian elections…

Iran Elections
©mørland/the times

There is often talk of cartoonists finding inspiration in other cartoonists’ work – stylistic or conceptual.
I like to think that this sort of thing is less obvious in my work these days than it was a few years ago, but once in a while it does shine through.

When doing today’s cartoon for example, I was mindful of a cartoon and blog post by Telegraph’s Christian Adams, from February this year – about comedy timing.
He demonstrated how in a four frame cartoon you can greatly accentuate the punch line, simply by leaving the border of the third panel.
At the time, using the border to manipulate the pace had never crossed my mind, but it’s a brilliant observation, and a trick that I now am very conscious of when doing multi-panel cartoons. I’ve gone further in this cartoon, by actually removing the entire background, but the principle is the same.

Apologies and many thanks Christian!


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