FINALLY I’m the owner of an iPhone. Joy. Joy. Joy.

I find it hard to focus on anything else.
Ironic really, to have a communication device so absorbing it makes actual communication with other people seem like an unwelcome interference.

Inspired by Patrick Blower’s latest illustrated reportage for Guardian Unlimited, and other stories of artistry on the iPhone, I’ve downloaded the Brushes app.

Patrick makes it look easy, so I had high hopes when I gave it a go this evening.
It is undoubtedly good fun to make marks on the screen with your fingertip, but it doesn’t feel like a very intuitive way to draw. Not for me anyway.
It’s a scribble tool, more than anything, so if pens, sketch books or post-it-notes are out of reach in the future, I will definitely have another go.

For now, there’s only one drawing to show, and as it’s often the case when I’m scribbling, it’s of a hairy man:

iPhone man


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One Response to “iPhoning….”

  1. Mike Rouse Says:

    Rather good actually.

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