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Wonderful Matt!

September 10, 2009

On the most recent bout of Beatlemania.


Beau Bo D’Or Brilliance…

September 8, 2009

Neil Hepburn, aka Beau Bo D’Or has published some of his ‘roughs’ for the B3TA “Mock the politicians” competition, on his blog.
Some lovely gags, and funny pictures, but the one of Cameron and Brown titled “Half Empty, Half Fool” surely takes the prize!
Stunning satire.

State of America…

September 8, 2009

There is something frighteningly ugly about certain sections of the Republican population. The ugliness is obvious. The frightening part is that when you think they’ve sunk as low as it is possible to sink, they surprise you by plummeting to hitherto unknown depths…

Monday’s Cartoon: Col Gaddafi…

September 6, 2009

Col Gaddafis No Hearts Club2
©mørland/the times

Good grief…
From the looks of the cartoon on Times online, it seems someone got hold of the cartoon, and in a moment of helpfulness wrecked the levels and messed up the colour balance… I dread to think what the printed version now looks like…

Update: The print version is good. Fortunately only the web version that looks odd.

Scarfe on Cats…

September 6, 2009

How cats land on their feet
©mørland/the times

There’s a funny similarity between Gerald Scarfe’s cartoon in today’s Sunday Times, and the cartoon I did for the Times a few weeks ago (see above).
I doubt very much it’s anything more than a coincidence, but that’s what makes it amusing.

Great minds think alike, they say.
But then so does mediocre minds.
And lousy ones.
I won’t be presumtious.

Gordo responds to Lockerbie criticism:

September 2, 2009

Am I God’s gift to national and international leadership?
Yes, I am.
Would it be wrong if I didn’t keep telling everyone that?
Yes, it would.

That’s alright then…