The Dalek issue…

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Despite having stated only a few days ago on fellow cartoonist Royston Robertson’s blog, that I’m avoiding Dalek cartoons these days, I ended up doing one for today’s Times. I even had a stairs gag in my original idea (see below), but the oh so boring point that “Daleks can fly up stairs,” has reached the Powers in Wapping, so there was no comedy potential in my pile of striking postal workers.



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4 Responses to “The Dalek issue…”

  1. Royston Robertson Says:

    Yes, I think we have to accept that the days of the Dalek/stairs cartoon are over. Daleks have moved on since the classic Birkett cartoon in Punch in 1981:

    Great cartoon, Morten, and it still works without the stairs!

  2. Adams Says:

    It’s a very very rare example of a cliche ceasing to exist. It’s like desert islands suddenly found to be easy to escape, 1 tonne weights exposed as being harmless, or bears revealed to officially only use public toilets. Not fair!

  3. Stephen Collins Says:

    Shouldn’t be allowed! There should be a National society for the protection of cliches. I, for one, would be unemployed without their help.

    Anyway, it’s a great cartoon. Daleks are always funny. Fact.

  4. Morten Says:

    If this development spreads to other cliches we might be forced to think original thoughts! God help us…

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