Can’t see the trees for the Woods!

…and other Tiger-related stories.
Here’s my cartoon from Monday’s paper:

©mørland/the times

For the top ten jokes on Tiger’s unfortunate meeting with trees etc, go to Comment Central.


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5 Responses to “Can’t see the trees for the Woods!”

  1. shecartoons Says:

    I love your cartoons! What a style. You’re an inspiration!

    -A young, new, excited cartoonist

  2. Morten Says:

    Thank you young, new, excited cartoonist!
    That’s very kind of you to say.

    I hope you stay inspired!

  3. shecartoons Says:

    I wonder what you use to color your cartoons? Watercolor?

  4. Morten Says:

    I use acryllic ink. It gives a brighter finish. Good quality watercolours or gouache can give similar results, but I prefer inks. It’s worth trying out different materials to see what suits your style.

  5. shecartoons Says:


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