Animated Budget Cartoon…

An animated cartoon I did for Times Online this afternoon…

I wasn’t aware that all their video is in widescreen or even that they were going to use the low res file I sent, so it’s all a bit stretched and blurred on their pages. But exciting all the same. Hopefully the start of something exciting…


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6 Responses to “Animated Budget Cartoon…”

  1. chrislipjournal Says:

    It works! 🙂

    Rob Hanson

  2. Stephen Collins Says:

    Absolutely lovely. I really like the simplicity of the joke. Did you really do it in an afternoon?

    This is something they could justifiably stick behind a paywall I reckon

  3. Morten Says:

    I started a little earlier in the day drawing Darling and ‘building’ the character for animation. But the animation itself, music and sound was done in an afternoon.

    It’s a simple joke, no voices (lip synch) and minimal action of course, but I’m still very encouraged by the fact it could be done so quickly.

  4. Kal Kallaugher Says:

    Good job Morten. Your style is very sympathetic to animation. Working with ToonBoom?

  5. Morten Says:

    Working with Toon Boom, yes. Not as complicated as what you’ve been doing Kal, but it’s an interesting new(ish) avenue for me. Toon Boom Studio is a great tool for quick animations. As is Flash I suppose, but I prefer working in Toon Boom.

  6. chichi Says:

    Delightful 🙂

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