Poldraw is:

An online sketchbook of sorts for political cartoonist Morten Morland.

To see more of my work, visit my website at www.morlandcartoon.co.uk


19 Responses to “Poldraw is:”

  1. Stephen Collins Says:

    Hi Morten

    I work for The Times also (The darker crannies, tucked away in the jobs bits, not prominent enought to make the website I’m afraid) and have loved your stuff in the paper for a long time. I was very pleased to find a British political cartoonist who has a blog for once; very interesting posts about the future of cartooning in animation etc.

    Anyway just thought i’d say hello – if you have a moment I’d appreciate any comments you might have on my work cos I’m relatively new at the whole thing. The cartoons are quite different from the illustration, in fact it’s all a bit sprawling, but I’d really like to know whether you think my ‘jokes’ work, as I find them quite hard work to think of, though defnitely the most enjoyable part of my work. I’d particularly like your thoughts on this one – I’ve spent way too long looking at it to know whether it’s funny or not:


    Anyway sorry to ramble, great blog, look forward to seeing more!

    Stephen Collins

  2. Paul Sorene Says:

    I edit the Anorak site – http://www.anorak.co.uk.

    I’d like to feature your work, with link to your site.
    (Found your site through Neil at bbdo.)

    Is this ok?

    Best wishes


  3. oz Says:

    Hi Morten-

    I just stumbled across you site and can’t wait to start working my way through it. Too much great stuff here.

    ps-thanks for mentioning us!

  4. Gary Barker Says:

    Hi Morten

    I have just come across your site and strangely it is the day after the PCS Cartoon awards, which I too attended and presented at (I was the Mugabe on the far left – the one with the Barclays fat cat) – well done for your goblet win. I currently do political cartoons for the BBC and so please feel free to contact me if you’d like a chat.


  5. Andy Says:

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  6. martin rowson Says:

    Morten – can’t find your phone number or email just at the minute, and this seems the simplest way to get you. Anyway, it’s got nothing to do with cartoons and everything to do with Norway, as (in order to see the OTHER European City of Culture) we’ve booked a sailing to Stavanga this summer, and now need some guidance on what the hell else we should do in the land of both the troll and your fathers.



  7. trickylittleimp Says:

    Great site! TLI

  8. amrit virdi Says:

    Hi Morten

    We meet at The Times Christmas party, I was talking to you about national service. I found the time to chase you up since then and i found your blog – which is very good and i well become a subscriber.

    i hope you would be able to pass on your contact details and i hope to see you soon.


  9. bibomedia.com Says:


  10. Kal Kallaugher Says:

    Friends and colleagues

    The newest 3-D political animation from Kaltoons featuring Hillary and Obama premiered last night at Atlanta’s Alliance theater and is currently on display at Economist.com. You can see it here:


    Please pass it on to your friends!



  11. Andrew Arnold Says:

    Morten. Thanks so much for taking the time to post Headastate. But moreover, thanks for the inspiring write-up!

    Love your website!

    Andrew Arnold

  12. rachael Says:


    Can I buy prints/ originals of your work?

    I’m after Pedigree Politicians (August 20) …



  13. Kevin Says:

    very cool blog

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I resolve our disagreements once and for all at:


    I’d really appreciate it.

  14. Ørjan Jensen Says:

    Hallo Morten

    Som noen andre her nevner er du ikke lett å finne kontaktinfo på. Vil gjerne ha kontakt med deg i forbindelse med Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations (FECO NORWAY) Mvh Ø.

  15. Bob Russell Says:

    Hi Morten,

    I have been passed your contact details by Tim Ellis for Epsom as we have just had a new course called Graphic Storytelling and Comic Art validated for a start in Sept 2009 and I know you have just published a novel. Tim and Mike Nicholson help me write the course at Epsom. The validation outcome was successful but one or two members of the panel had some real doubts about the efficacy of such a course, whether there was an industry at all (despite copious notes about the size and scope of the market here and in the US , marketing reports etc) and they even had some reservations about its title (we think it does what it says on the tin!). I do not want to re run these arguments, as I reckon that the case is proven. But the panel do want some evidence beyond my convictions.
    I would really appreciate some advice about the name for instance or maybe offer a (positive) view, if you feel you were able to help me.
    Many thanks.

    Robert Russell
    Director of Studies for Media and Communication

    01252892875 and 07767623918

    University for the Creative Arts
    Farnham Surrey

  16. Gary Best Says:

    Dear Morten

    As has been asked previously, do you sell prints/originals of your work ? There are some I am interested in. If so, who do I contact please ? Many thanks and I wish you well


  17. Shafali Says:

    Hi Morten,

    I love cartoons and caricatures from ever since I can remember. I never liked political cartoons a lot (nor politics) but I liked your cartoons because your presentation of the characters express emotions (which isn’t very common in political cartoons.) I loved the Obama-Brown caricature (which one you an award) – the body language of both the subjects is awesome!

    I would like to add your blog to my currently non-existent blogroll (my blog is about 15 days old.) Do let me know if it’s fine with you.

    I wish you all the best:)

    Warm Regards,

  18. David Judd Says:

    Do you have any information on Michael Tombs I was at Coventry College with him in the 50’s I understand there is some archive on his cartoons on your web somewhere, but can’t find anywhere.

  19. David Judd Says:

    Anyone know about Michael Tombs, I was at Coventry College of Art with him in the 50’s and hear there was some archive about him on this web site.

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