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March 5, 2010

I’ve been doing a fair bit of illustration recently, and as I rarely mention it here, I thought I’d give a link to my recently updated illustration portfolio if anyone’s interested…


Beautiful Brookes…

January 7, 2010

In contrast to my chaotic scenes in the previous post, Peter Brookes’ cartoon in today’s Times is a wonderful example of how it can be done simply and brilliantly.

It looks good online, but even better in the paper, where it sits on page 25 beautifully summing up in a handful of drawn lines what it has taken several journalists and 20.000 words to convey on the previous pages.


Stunning image-making on a Friday: Simon Evans…

November 6, 2009

Hat-tip to the brilliant for this link to possibly the most beautiful images you will see this this Friday. Done by Berlin-based Londoner Simon Evans.
Exceptional talent, devotion and sensitivity.

2010 KALendar!

November 2, 2009

Cartoonist for the Economist Kevin KAL Kallaugher has done what looks like an inspired cartoon calendar for 2010. Not just 12 seasonal pictures, but a fully illustrated “journey through the world’s most celebrated (and occasionally obscure) global events, milestones and holidays” sprinkled with KAL’s characteristically amusing drawings and written by the great man himself.
Or as the blurb puts it: “Each of the 12 monthly spreads provides a visual feast of original, hand-drawn artwork that brings to life the events of the current month and combines them into a hilarious interconnected story.”

Looks terrific.

Annus Horribilis…

October 29, 2009

I’ve just been sent a copy of Ann Treneman’s latest book, Annus Horribilis – The Worst Year in British Politics.
It’s a collection of her brilliant Parliamentary sketches for The Times from the last year, so that ought to be a good read!

I was lucky enough to do the book jacket for it, and to Gibson Square Publishing’s credit, I was given surprisingly free reins, which made it a pleasure to do.

Below are some pictures of the book and the original design.

Ann Treneman front09
Ann Treneman back 09
Ann Treneman Cover

I’ve mentioned the excellent True Blue – Strange Tales from a Tory Nation before, when was published earlier this year. Here are some pictures of that book too.

True Blue front
True Blue back

Excellent ideas for Christmas, wouldn’t you say?

Beau Bo D’Or Brilliance…

September 8, 2009

Neil Hepburn, aka Beau Bo D’Or has published some of his ‘roughs’ for the B3TA “Mock the politicians” competition, on his blog.
Some lovely gags, and funny pictures, but the one of Cameron and Brown titled “Half Empty, Half Fool” surely takes the prize!
Stunning satire.

True Blue…

July 13, 2009

I notice that a book for which I did the cover a while back, is now out on Amazon on pre-order before its launch in August.

It’s a book by journalists Chris Horrie and David Matthews – about conservative (and Conservative) middle England.
Having been lucky enough to read most of it already, I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s brilliantly written, terrifically funny – and a poignant commentary on the nature (and current state) of grass root politics.

The blurb:

Whatever happened to middle England? Two of our funniest writers set out on a journey through conservative country – with hilarious results. The Women’s Institute. Polo matches. The Duke of Edinburgh. Nimbys, shooting and game fairs. Pall Mall clubs, the Countryside Alliance and Boris Johnson. Hampshire Police’s brass band, the rubber chicken circuit – and of course the Conservative party itself. Middle England, with all the social rituals, institutions and traditions that hold it together, has lasted for a long time. And Chris Horrie and David Matthews, two left-leaning journalists – Chris is from Manchester and David’s parents are from Guyana – are fascinated by it. So off they go, armed with two ballpoints and a sharp sense of humour, to see what they can see. Sometimes, it’s as simple as hanging out at the proms, munching scones with the vicar at a village cricket match, or chatting with Michael Howard. And other times, a bit more guile is needed – so Chris and David baffle Conservative party members by helping out with their campaigns. With backgrounds as investigative reporters, the authors infiltrate Middle England and capture its denizens at their least guarded.What they find is at times cheering, and sometimes a bit worrying – but it is always very entertaining. True Blue is Bill Bryson meets Spitting Image – and a must-read for fans of John O’Farrell, Private Eye and Jon Ronson.

And here’s the cover I did, bar the text on the back.

True Blue Cover

Pre-order now!

And now some rallying…

June 30, 2009

Cartoonists, illustrators and other creatives across the land, regularly encounter art directors, editors, buyers and suchlike who simply don’t expect to pay.
Their impudence is often utterly unbelievable and would’ve been deemed completely unacceptable in any other situation, yet it doesn’t stop them from offending every single time they commission new work.
The situation is not made any easier by the recession, which is being used as an excuse to slash already low fees.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Now watch this film and nod knowingly:

From Monday’s paper: Iranian elections…

June 15, 2009

Iran Elections
©mørland/the times

There is often talk of cartoonists finding inspiration in other cartoonists’ work – stylistic or conceptual.
I like to think that this sort of thing is less obvious in my work these days than it was a few years ago, but once in a while it does shine through.

When doing today’s cartoon for example, I was mindful of a cartoon and blog post by Telegraph’s Christian Adams, from February this year – about comedy timing.
He demonstrated how in a four frame cartoon you can greatly accentuate the punch line, simply by leaving the border of the third panel.
At the time, using the border to manipulate the pace had never crossed my mind, but it’s a brilliant observation, and a trick that I now am very conscious of when doing multi-panel cartoons. I’ve gone further in this cartoon, by actually removing the entire background, but the principle is the same.

Apologies and many thanks Christian!

BBC bashing…

April 6, 2009

The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!
The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!
The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!
The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!
The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!
The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!
The new design of the Radio 4 website is so indescribably bad!

Words fail me.

I feel hateful to whoever is responsible.