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Superb Steve Bell Cartoon…

December 15, 2009

…in today’s Guardian. Of Pope Blair the Innocent.
A pastiche of the famous Velazquez painting of Pope Innocent X.



July 10, 2009

FINALLY I’m the owner of an iPhone. Joy. Joy. Joy.

I find it hard to focus on anything else.
Ironic really, to have a communication device so absorbing it makes actual communication with other people seem like an unwelcome interference.

Inspired by Patrick Blower’s latest illustrated reportage for Guardian Unlimited, and other stories of artistry on the iPhone, I’ve downloaded the Brushes app.

Patrick makes it look easy, so I had high hopes when I gave it a go this evening.
It is undoubtedly good fun to make marks on the screen with your fingertip, but it doesn’t feel like a very intuitive way to draw. Not for me anyway.
It’s a scribble tool, more than anything, so if pens, sketch books or post-it-notes are out of reach in the future, I will definitely have another go.

For now, there’s only one drawing to show, and as it’s often the case when I’m scribbling, it’s of a hairy man:

iPhone man

Good cartoons on a Wednesday…

June 10, 2009

There are some excellent ones in the papers today, about Peter “The Rt Hon Lord of Hartlepool and Foy: First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Lord President of the Council” Mandelson’s Cabinet of minions.
His Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, features in most of the cartoons.

Peter Brookes focuses on Mandy aka Blofeld. A somewhat overused simile perhaps, but in this case it seems entirely appropriate – and funny!

I particularly like Dave Brown’s cartoon in the Indy.
Garland in the Telegraph has essentially done the same idea, but with his customary literary/historical reference.

Steve Bell goes for the puerile approach – with great effect.

Good times…

Blower Brilliance…

April 2, 2009

Excellent feature on Guardian’s Comment is Free today, of Patrick Blower’s sketchpad drawings of the G20 protests.
Great on-the-spot drawings and a fantastic snapshot of events, done in the true tradition of reportage drawing.
Go see!

Gord in the USA: A Cartoon round-up…

March 5, 2009

…of the Thursday ones!

Most have unsurprisingly gone for Gordon’s speech to Congress.
Dave Brown has a rather nice one in the Indy. Funny idea, but I’m almost more impressed with how Dave has painted the marble in the background! Excellent.

Peter Brookes’ cartoon in The Times is visually wonderful and full of great contrasts both in the idea and the execution.

The funniest one on in my view, is Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian.
That lion, just like his superhero version of Gordon, not only looks, but really feels like the man you see and read about. The fact that he’s able to convey that, is probably Steve’s greatest strength.
Also – going back to the cartoon – because most readers will have seen pictures of Gordon in Congress both in the paper and on TV, cartoonists have to come up with something striking in order to get some sort of visual impact that gets people’s attention. Steve’s surreal approach achieves that.
His marble looks more like a contained thunderstorm though…
Then again, it goes with the rest of the idea.

Andy Davey in The Sun has not gone for an image of Gordon in Congress, but of Obama and Brown meeting the photographers. A nice visual throwback to the pictures of Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt outside the White House during the war.

Garland in the Telegraph has drawn a picture of Gordon as a dog.
Obama’s dog.

Paul Thomas in the Daily Express focus his attention ITV cutbacks.

Two lovely cartoons…

March 3, 2009

Dave Brown in today’s Indy…
A classic way to build a joke, but no less funny because of it.

Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian is terrific.
The visual is so fantastic it actually doesn’t need the words somehow.
In fact, Brown’s superhero outfit could probably carry the cartoon on its own. Just look at the shoes!


British Press Awards nominations…

February 26, 2009

The ones nominated for Cartoonist of the Year are:

Chris Riddell, Observer
David Brown, The Independent
Matt Pritchett, Daily Telegraph
Michael Heath, Mail on Sunday
Peter Schrank, Independent on Sunday
Stanley McMurtry, Daily Mail
Steve Bell, The Guardian


Draper’s Downfall…

February 17, 2009

Without wanting to take sides in the parties’ fight over the blogosphere, it surely is impossible for anyone who’s read anything about Derek Draper and Labour List, not to laugh out loud at the clip above.

Livedraw – now even more live..

February 16, 2009

After moving from the weirdness that is the Telegraph, the Patrick Blower’s Livedraw has found a new home on the Guardian’s Comment is Free.
Patricks work has been up there for a few weeks now, and it’s well worth looking out for at the end of every week!

Last week saw a change from previous Livedraws, in that Patrick seemingly has gone back to the ol’ speeded-up-film-technique, rather than the computer recording his Wacom work.
Although the “lo-tech” cartoon arguably loses some of the animated feel, it gains a more immediate rawness, which suits Patrick’s cartoons. The painted work looks better, and seeing the cartoonist actually doing the work, somehow enhances the finished product, in my opinion.

See his latest cartoon for the Guardian here, and for another one from this week as well as more from the archive, visit the Livedraw page here.

Great Cartoon…

December 15, 2008

I know this one’s a few days old, but I just have to mention it as it’s one of my favourite cartoons of the year.
Martin Rowson on the decision to have another Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
It’s such a dull (or should that be complicated) subject in many ways, but the cartoon puts it brilliantly.
The caricature of Jose Manuel Barroso is superb, and the Irish character is excellent in its simplicity. The expressions are wonderful. The sweat on the Irishman’s face after throwing up is a great touch.

Most of all though, there’s great comedy timing.
I’ve looked at it again and again, and it still makes me laugh.

Excellent stuff.