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Brookes pick up Press Award…

March 23, 2010

Peter Brookes wins Cartoonist of the Year at the British Press Awards! Well deserved and many congratulations!


Beautiful Brookes…

January 7, 2010

In contrast to my chaotic scenes in the previous post, Peter Brookes’ cartoon in today’s Times is a wonderful example of how it can be done simply and brilliantly.

It looks good online, but even better in the paper, where it sits on page 25 beautifully summing up in a handful of drawn lines what it has taken several journalists and 20.000 words to convey on the previous pages.


Awards joy…

December 11, 2009

The Times did well at the Political Cartoon Society awards bash last night!
Peter Brookes was awarded Cartoonist of the Year and the runner-up in the Cartoon of the Year category.
I won Cartoon of the Year for my drawing of Obama/Brown (above), so between us we made a clean sweep!
Alan Duncan MP handed out the awards in jolly self-deprecating style, and other than my own pathetic non-attempt at a speech (nothing new there), there were good performances all around.

The do at the Political Cartoon Gallery is a great chance to catch up with fellow cartoonists. (Particularly when the gallery’s drinks cabinet has been well and truly drained, and we drift across the road to The College Arms.) But apart from the gallery being a brilliant meeting place for established cartoonists and other followers of the art form, the PCS is an important organisation in British cartooning in that it’s open to much wider selection of cartoonists than anywhere else. It’s a good chance to discover works that might have otherwise have passed you by. Whether it’s at the awards or at one of the many exhibitions Tim Benson and the PCG puts on every year.

At the events such as the one last night, every cartoonist has one cartoon exhibited and The Cartoon of the Year award is voted on by the people present. This makes it brilliantly democratic and particularly exciting to win, as many of those voting are your peers. It also means that someone relatively unknown has got the same chance to win on the night as the more famous names.

With the prospect of a glorious year for politics coming up, it will hopefully prove to be a good one for the PCG too!

Good cartoons on a Wednesday…

June 10, 2009

There are some excellent ones in the papers today, about Peter “The Rt Hon Lord of Hartlepool and Foy: First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Lord President of the Council” Mandelson’s Cabinet of minions.
His Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, features in most of the cartoons.

Peter Brookes focuses on Mandy aka Blofeld. A somewhat overused simile perhaps, but in this case it seems entirely appropriate – and funny!

I particularly like Dave Brown’s cartoon in the Indy.
Garland in the Telegraph has essentially done the same idea, but with his customary literary/historical reference.

Steve Bell goes for the puerile approach – with great effect.

Good times…

Peter Brookes on Thursday…

June 3, 2009

A very good cartoon!
The title, references and execution – brilliant.

And as just so that we don’t forget it is election day, Matt has got a pretty excellent one in the Telegraph too.

The Times Cartoon Archive…

March 11, 2009

Finally! And brilliantly.
It’s been a long time coming, but the result is a slideshow solution which arguably is better than any of the other major UK papers.
Peter Brookes, Jonathan Pugh, Gerald Scarfe, Nick Newman and myself, all have our own archives, and there’s currently about a dozen cartoons in each.

Go see!

Gord in the USA: A Cartoon round-up…

March 5, 2009

…of the Thursday ones!

Most have unsurprisingly gone for Gordon’s speech to Congress.
Dave Brown has a rather nice one in the Indy. Funny idea, but I’m almost more impressed with how Dave has painted the marble in the background! Excellent.

Peter Brookes’ cartoon in The Times is visually wonderful and full of great contrasts both in the idea and the execution.

The funniest one on in my view, is Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian.
That lion, just like his superhero version of Gordon, not only looks, but really feels like the man you see and read about. The fact that he’s able to convey that, is probably Steve’s greatest strength.
Also – going back to the cartoon – because most readers will have seen pictures of Gordon in Congress both in the paper and on TV, cartoonists have to come up with something striking in order to get some sort of visual impact that gets people’s attention. Steve’s surreal approach achieves that.
His marble looks more like a contained thunderstorm though…
Then again, it goes with the rest of the idea.

Andy Davey in The Sun has not gone for an image of Gordon in Congress, but of Obama and Brown meeting the photographers. A nice visual throwback to the pictures of Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt outside the White House during the war.

Garland in the Telegraph has drawn a picture of Gordon as a dog.
Obama’s dog.

Paul Thomas in the Daily Express focus his attention ITV cutbacks.

Pre-Budget Cartoon Round up…

November 25, 2008

Super cartoons in today’s paper.

Peter Brookes starts on the Times’ front page with a “return of the red” image, and continues on the Op-ed pages with arguably his cartoon of the year. Brilliant idea and drawing.

The Indy’s Dave Brown uses a budget favourite – a rabbit out of a hat – but adds a very nice twist to it.

Steve Bell has done the most terrifically bleak scene in the Guardian, featuring Brown, Darling, and the teletubbies Cameron and Osborne.

Garland in the Telegraph compares the economy to a stranded whale.

US election cartoons drawn the day after…

November 6, 2008

Yesterday I wrote about the difficulty in doing cartoons for the day after the election, before the result is known.
Well, with an Obama win, doing the cartoon the cartoon the day after that, is not necessarily very easy either. Just imagine the fun everyone would’ve had with a McCain/Palin victory. Instead democrat-leaning cartoonists have to face spending the majority of their time trying to avoid drawing a soft focus celebration of their own excitement. American papers are full of those today.

In the British papers there’s a hint of it, but it’s not as bad as it might have been.
The fluffiest idea with the most adoring caricature probably comes from Paul Thomas in the Express. “Politically correct nonsense” as he most certainly would describe it himself, but it does the job in summing up the mood of the day.

Peter Brookes pokes fun at the messianic aura of the chosen one.
Peter has also written an interesting article in the paper’s Obama supplement, on the challenge of satirizing someone you rather support – and the reassuring inevitability that the president is bound to mess it up.

Dave Brown draws a reference to Lincoln and Steve Bell goes for basketball.

Garland on the other hand, takes an entirely different, very surprising approach.
A white man being freed from the slavery of white guilt, which given the flavour of celebrations around the world is a novel thing to pick up on to say the least.

It’s worth watching the work of American cartoonists today though.
And in the weeks and months to come. After eight years of Bush, many will wake up from the euphoria of change, and feel utterly deprived.
Of material that is.

US election cartoons the day after…

November 5, 2008

…but drawn the day before.
Always an interesting situation that, the day before an election when you need to do something about the election, but can’t risk predicting the outcome.

The Times’ Peter Brookes has perhaps the most obvious example. Mentioning both Obama and McCain – but in a way that would work whatever the result.

Garland in the Telegraph on the other hand, focuses on the end of the Bush regime – as do the rest in the major papers.

Steve Bell in the Guardian – characteristically surreal.

My personal favourite though, is Dave Brown’s Bush cartoon in the Indy. Very funny, and a brutally frustrating reminder that it’s not over quite yet.