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The Third debate – in a little more than 15 seconds…

April 30, 2010

Gord in the USA: A Cartoon round-up…

March 5, 2009

…of the Thursday ones!

Most have unsurprisingly gone for Gordon’s speech to Congress.
Dave Brown has a rather nice one in the Indy. Funny idea, but I’m almost more impressed with how Dave has painted the marble in the background! Excellent.

Peter Brookes’ cartoon in The Times is visually wonderful and full of great contrasts both in the idea and the execution.

The funniest one on in my view, is Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian.
That lion, just like his superhero version of Gordon, not only looks, but really feels like the man you see and read about. The fact that he’s able to convey that, is probably Steve’s greatest strength.
Also – going back to the cartoon – because most readers will have seen pictures of Gordon in Congress both in the paper and on TV, cartoonists have to come up with something striking in order to get some sort of visual impact that gets people’s attention. Steve’s surreal approach achieves that.
His marble looks more like a contained thunderstorm though…
Then again, it goes with the rest of the idea.

Andy Davey in The Sun has not gone for an image of Gordon in Congress, but of Obama and Brown meeting the photographers. A nice visual throwback to the pictures of Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt outside the White House during the war.

Garland in the Telegraph has drawn a picture of Gordon as a dog.
Obama’s dog.

Paul Thomas in the Daily Express focus his attention ITV cutbacks.

Superb political animation on a Friday…

February 27, 2009

This is an excellent animated political cartoon from Russia. Made by Pilot Studio in 1991.

US election cartoons the day after…

November 5, 2008

…but drawn the day before.
Always an interesting situation that, the day before an election when you need to do something about the election, but can’t risk predicting the outcome.

The Times’ Peter Brookes has perhaps the most obvious example. Mentioning both Obama and McCain – but in a way that would work whatever the result.

Garland in the Telegraph on the other hand, focuses on the end of the Bush regime – as do the rest in the major papers.

Steve Bell in the Guardian – characteristically surreal.

My personal favourite though, is Dave Brown’s Bush cartoon in the Indy. Very funny, and a brutally frustrating reminder that it’s not over quite yet.